The Forests of Serre

Here there be Elves! Part 1

South of the capital city lies an forest that spans southward along the coastline. Divided into a more populated northern half and a southern half that has been twisted and warped by the evil magicks emanating from Grahlt down below. The whole forest is under the jurisdiction and care of Araiya the Guardian; she is the one who monitors the forest for threats to it’s safety and health.

The northern half is more populated with humanoid types, with mostly elves living in small towns hidden up in the trees. The inhabitants here are infinitely fascinated with the modern world, and are open to the technical advancements of the north, and they work on combining this mechanical prowess with nature magic. Sometimes they even succeed!

Further to the south, however, the trees grow twisted and dark. The darkness of Grahlt oozes upward, and there are roving bands of druids and others capable of wielding great nature magic that battle the corruption and keep it at bay. There are some who also try to work with the blackened magic that stems from the south, but these experimentations often fail, with much pain to the creators.

The Forests of Serre

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