The Andri Plains

The Andri Plains were the battleground of the great Godwars of ages past, and it has still never recovered. A barren wasteland pocked with tiny towns, the Andri Plains are plagued by monsters, scavengers, and desperate folk and the underground is riddled with tunnels that inhabited by the plains dwarves.

“The Dwarven Eyes are Everywhere”

The dwarves of the plains live in giant snaking tunnels and caverns that span the entirety of the area, sometimes leading up to small caves upon the surface. These caves, although often seen as deserted, are always watched by the dwarves below. There is nowhere you can go in the Plains without being observed and studied by the dwarves, for they have eyes everywhere and the feel of your feet on the hard arid ground is always known to them.
Masters of mining, smithing, pottery, and farming without sunlight, they generally do not go up to the surface world. The only exception to this are the herders. Occasionally, travellers can see herds of animals, usually sheep or goats, seemingly left abandoned in the wastes. However, there is always a cave nearby where the dwarf stays. Leave the animals be or face the wrath of an ANGRY dwarf.
The dwarves are cautious, but not xenophobic, and are not too proud to call to surface adventurers if their skill is required. Oftentimes monsters inhabit the caves closer to the border of Grahlt, and the dwarves offer the chance to fell these monsters and gain the rewards in exchange for “dwarf-tokens”, as most surface dwellers call them.
These tokens, usually held on a ring hooked to the belt, are also a mark of status in the overland itself. The more tokens one has, the more monsters they have fought in service to the dwarves, and underworld monsters are even more ferocious than their overland counterparts. Roving blades/slayers are often called “Janglers” after the sound of jangling metal, and are well treated and respected across the Andri Plains, if not also quietly feared.

The overland comprises of dry scrubby brush that is fit for hardy animals to graze but not much else. The scattered towns that exist all throughout are often by a water source and sparsely populated by folk who trade with the dwarves or have managed to find crops that can survive the harshness of the land. This mostly consists of races who escaped Roth in search of a better chance elsewhere, usually humans, and the scavenging Karrak, a race of avian humanoids.

The Andri Plains

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