Roth - The Capitalistic Capital

If you like steampunk tropes, Roth is the place to be! We’ve got tropes galore!

The largest city and the capital, it is a place in the throes of a magimechanical revolution and on the brink of a societal one. A city where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, Roth’s elite, comprising of the Council of Governors and business moguls, profit off of a giant rip in spacetime off of the coast, a convenient stop for any being with an ability to travel planes, while completely ignoring and suppressing the rights of their own citizens.

There’s a super rich and fancy upper class, profiting off of the MOGS industry, sales to interdimensional foreigners, and general exploitation of anyone who’s not them.

There’s a super poor and despondent lower class who is getting quite sick of their treatment and is cobbling together a revolt with spit, shit, and grit.

The interdimensional rip is an interesting phenomena. A relic from The Godwars of times past, it was stabilized by Rothian scholars so that it might be used as an easy way to travel throughout the planes. Any being that can control their planar travel sees the rip as a glaring light in the void between worlds, like a giant neon sign that says “HEY THERE ARE THINGS HERE”. Additionally, beings that are not in complete control of their interdimensional travel occasionally get sucked into Roth as opposed to where they are intending to go.

Because of all this clashing of cultures and different worlds combining in one area, there is a thriving market where beings from all over the multiverse can sell wares of wildly ranging quality and questionable legality without any sort of repercussion (It’s a free market!)

Roth - The Capitalistic Capital

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