Iyridian History

All of history is recorded by the Lorekeepers, Night Elves who have sworn to never let the mistakes of the humans repeat themselves. This is the story that they tell, and the future they will never let occur again.

500 years ago, humans ruled over the world. They, in typical human fashion, grew bored and unhappy with their undisputed power over Iyrida, so they looked to the sky in greed. They felt that they were as smart and as powerful as any god, so they decided that they would claim what was rightly theirs. Out of brick and magic, they built a massive tower to the sky. Kardos saw this and was glad, for he grew stronger the closer his favored people grew to him. All the other gods becane conerned the stronger Kardos grew, the brighter and hotter the sun burned. The gods realized that if Kardos kept growing stronger, he would destroy the world in his arrogance.

The gods tried to convince Kardos to stup, but he laughed at them and accused the other gods of jealousy. To protect the world and all of the creatures who did not deserve to burn, the gods created a barrier between the earth and sky and threw Kardos through it onto the tower below. When Kardos fell, the Tower was destroyed, along with many lives both human, elf, goblin, orc, most who worked in the Tower were killed in the blast. And when he fell through the tower into the earth, the ground exploded and giant hunks of earth and parts of the Tower itself were thrown through the barrier into the sky. These stones gathered themselves into a star without light and the gods realized what they had done.

In their haste to keep Kardos from growing poewrful, they created a gateway that fuses earth and sky, creating something that is not quite either. They took this being and called it Kozha, the Guardian. They gave Kozha his purpose; to stand in front of the sun as punishment for Kardos’ arrogance. The sun, already dim without Kardos’ guidance, was blacked completely, plunging the world into an everlasting twilight.

The human race, stunned by the sudden fall of their god and the decimation of their lives work, fled to the caverns and underground tunnels that they had condemned their slaves to originally. The other races were finally able to come to the surface. Upon seeing the destruction their human oppressors had wrought, they swore never to let humanities’ hubris come to the surface again.

The races banded together, society being created on the concept of staticity; that there be no change in the established order.

The Night Elves placed themselves in charge of documentation; they see and record all that happens in Iyrida. They study and pore over their documents, searching for any sign of one race growing too powerful.

The Goblins rose as the Shadow Warriors, protectors of the peace. They enforce that which the Night Elves decree. As both master fighters and magic users, they make sure that no individual grows too curious and causing dangerous thoughts to spread amongst society.

The orcs and halves, being much younger races in comparison to the others, mostly keep to themselves. They do not wish to cause trouble, and as such are treated fairly and as members of their own races.

The humans still live underground, fearing the surface dwelling races. They are now only a shadow of their former glory.

Iyridian History

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