Welcome adventurers to the tumultuous and magical world of Anderre! Ancient powers run rampant and unchecked in the wilds, and her cities are rife with intrigue and rampant capitalism. Will you help the rebellion growing in the dark underbelly of the capital? Will you find treasure and infamy in the monster-filled wastes of the Andri Plains? Discover ancient secrets of power? Fight flying pirates off of the southern coasts? The adventure is yours to choose!

There are several races native to Anderre, humans, elves, gnomes, dwarves, and orcs (their characteristics are less like DnD and more like WoW), however any race in the Pathfinder OGL is probably fair game with a little discussion with me.

There are five main hubs of civilization
The Forests of Serre
The Andri Plains
The Western Wilds
The Smoked Mountains

There are also two areas that are generally not accessible to everyday adventurers


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